TCO, LO och Saco fördömer regimens våld mot demonstranterna i Iran

Internationellt, Demokrati



TCO, LO och Saco går tillsammans ut och fördömer den iranska regimens våld mot demonstranter och stödjer de modiga människor som står upp mot förtrycket i Iran. Det gör vi i ett brev adresserat till Irans ambassadör i Sverige. Här kan du läsa hela brevet på engelska.

Ambassador Ahmad Masoumi Far,

The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO), the Swedish Confederation of
Professional Employees (TCO), and the Swedish Confederation of Professional
Associations (Saco), which together represent more than 3 million workers in Sweden,
are writing to you to express our grave concern regarding the violence and continued
brutality of the Iranian authorities against its own people.

We stand together with all who are mourning Mahsa Amini, and we expect the
perpetrators to be held accountable. We pay homage to the incredibly brave people
who are standing up to the vicious repression being perpetrated by the Iranian
authorities. The resistance is being led by women and girls who, at great risk to
themselves, want to bring an end to the misogyny and subjugation of basic rights in
Iran, and we give them our fullest support.

We also strongly condemn the recent arrests of Iranian Trade Unionists – they are a
desperate attempt by the regime to silence critics and recast public outrage as being
externally manufactured. The workers of Iran and we, their brothers and sisters around
the world, know the truth. We demand the unconditional and immediate release of all
imprisoned trade unionists and all others unjustly detained in Iran.

Therese Svanström, TCO

Susanna Gideonsson, LO

Göran Arrius, Saco

Bild på Therese  Svanström

TCO:s ordförande

Therese Svanström